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The Future of the Bonne Bay Marine Station

The Bonne Bay Marine Station (BBMS) is a prize asset of Memorial University. It actively contributes to the three University pillars: Research, Teaching and Engagement.

Our vision for the BBMS of the future consists of a globally unique, internationally renowned centre that provides almost year-round opportunities for multidisciplinary research and experiential learning in the form of multiple field schools and life-long learning opportunities appropriate to the unique setting and facilities at the BBMS and to the region within which it sits.

The following report entitled The Future Station: Sustaining Multidisciplinary, Community-Engaged Research, Teaching and Outreach at the Bonne Bay Marine Station provides recommendations for achieving this vision.

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Barbara Neis
Principal Investigator, Community-University Research for Recovery Alliance, Memorial University

Erin Carruthers
Department of Biology, Memorial University

Allison Eaton
Manager, Bonne Bay Marine Station, Memorial University

Robert Hooper
Director, Bonne Bay Marine Station, Memorial University

The Report