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The Forests of Newfoundland

This research project focused on examining forest policies, land tenure, and forest community well-being during a time of global market change. The goal of the research was to provide information about community needs and challenges in adapting to new market conditions, and to facilitate collaborative efforts already underway in several forest communities of Newfoundland.

The first component of the project was an overview of forest policies and land tenure in Newfoundland. It included a comprehensive overview of forest policy at multiple levels of government, and interviews with foresters, industry, environmental groups, and others involved in creating and implementing District Management Plans. Questions were:

  1. How are District Management Plans created and implemented? Who is benefiting from these plans, who is not?
  2. Who is involved? Who is not involved?
  3. How do the District Management Plans fulfill legislative and regulatory mandates?
  4. What are suggested changes to the planning process in light of market changes?

The second component of the project was a case study of rural community change in Newfoundland and emerging market opportunities for forests. Two communities which are undergoing and responding to changes in the forest sector were selected. The communities were also placed within a broader Newfoundland context through comparison of demographic and forest management data by region. Interviews with community residents, including businesspeople, politicians, and foresters, were combined with participant observation and document analysis to answer these questions:

  1. What are opportunities for NL communities? How are these being pursued?
  2. What are the challenges to forest community well-being, and how do these challenges differ between the communities?
  3. Who is involved in emerging forest opportunities, and why?

Funded by the Center of Environmental Excellence and Sir Wilfred Grenfell Community College.

Researchers and Partners


Erin Kelly, Post-Doctoral Fellow


Pathways and Challenges to Reinventing Forestry in Newfoundland

A report submitted by Erin Kelly, PhD, Environmental Policy Institute at Grenfell Campus, Memorial University, Corner Brook, NL.

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